Welcome to the Nxt Club! This blog site is created by two long time robotics enthusiasts Steve and Lisa. Our ORIGINAL plan is to blog about the history and future of Mindstorms and share our robot building stories. When we switched web hosting provider, it was too much work to migrate our old blog data so we decided to become a fun NXT video blog site.

A bit about ourselves:

Steve started building autonomous Mindstorms-like LEGO robots back in 1991 as an undergraduate student at MIT. In 1992, he joined the MIT Media Lab research group known as the “LEGO Group” (official the Epistemology and Learning group), working on the “Programmable Brick” project. The project and the group was partially funded by LEGO. The “Programmable Brick” project was eventually productized by LEGO as the LEGO Mindstorms.

After MIT, Steve continues to work on LEGO robots with his wife Lisa. They founded the University of Massachusetts Computing Association while Lisa was a student at UML, and introduced LEGO Robotics to the Computing Association and the UML Computer Science department.

Out latest robotic toy is a Romba Vac ;-)