Friday, March 5, 2010

Fastest Rubik's cube solver: CubeStormer

Fastest Rubik's cube solver named CubeStormer. Absolutely incredible...
I believe the solution is calculated on a PC though, not on the NXT itself.


  1. Good forward step in technology.
    thank you for post..\

  2. This is awesome! I teach at a summer technology camp, iD Tech Camps, and I know my students in the Lego Mindstorm course would love this video. That looks like it took some time to put together. :)

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  4. This is way cool! haha. Although, yes it obviously uses a PC to analyze the video. The computer is probably sending down commands to the NXT, which in this is case is just acting like a "dumb" device since its doing very little computing power.

    Setting up a program to control your NXT isn't terribly difficult - I would bet the most time would be doing the analysis on the Rubik's cube in video, but again - this is pretty impressive.

    A great writeup on sending direct commands to the NXT can be read here:

    It goes over the basics and if you play around with it, you would be surprised at how complicated and cool of a device you can make!

    hope this helps :).

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